It’s possible to create a villain in a

It’s possible to create a villain in a story without designing a terrible person because villains don’t have to be people. It depends on the story, of course, but the elements, animals, birds, fish, natural disasters, spirits, ghosts and goblins make great villains. All those things and more can wreak havoc as easily as people can.
Some stories that come to mind are The Old Man and the Sea, The Birds, the movie 2012 and any story about demonic possession to name just a few.
I like such villains. I don’t have to turn a perfectly nice person into someone nasty. But it depends on the story. Some stories require human villains. Some don’t. But my personal feelings on the subject are part of the reason I tend to write about spirits (Spirit Legend), ghosts (When Dreams Come True), nasty animals (Wanted Sharpshooter) and self-aware plants (Earth Legend). And I’ll probably continue to do so in future stories.

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