Wolf Legend will soon be advertised. It

Wolf Legend will soon be advertised. It’s out in the world. Ready or not, sink or swim and I’m terrified. I know the story is good, I know the writing is adequate. Unrelated people who have no reason to say anything other than the truth have said so.
But selling is different from writing. Sales can only take place if people know the story exists and if that story is the kind people want to read. And that can only happen if the people who want to read Wolf Legend happen to be the same people who visit the sites that are advertising it on the days it’s being advertised.
It’s almost too much to think about. To comprehend. I’d like to hug the wolf pup Snowball and tell her not to feel bad if no one loves her because I love her.

2 responses to “Wolf Legend will soon be advertised. It”

  1. Send the details, cover and store links to me and I’ll promo it to 3100+ people Florence 🙂

  2. Will get it to you. Definitely!

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