I’ve been thinking of that indefinable

I’ve been thinking of that indefinable spark some writers have. The thing that makes their writing stand out from the works of others. I don’t know what that spark consists of but I know that it exists. I know that any writer of mediocre talent who is willing to work hard and be professional can make money as a professional writer. But I also know that there’s still a difference between such a person and the writer who happens to have that special spark that comes across in his or her writing and makes readers laugh or cry and remember what they read forever.
I don’t know whether I have that spark or not. I guess it’s okay if I don’t have it because I’m doing what I want and pursuing a career as a writer. But sometimes in the dark of the night I wonder. Some day maybe I’ll know.

2 responses to “I’ve been thinking of that indefinable”

  1. Most of us probably wonder. All we can do is the best we can and hope that our writing will strike a chord with those that read it.

  2. You got it right. So we write and send out what we wrote and wonder what readers get from it.

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