I started out writing romances. At least

I started out writing romances. At least I thought I was writing romances. Turned out they weren’t romances after all but it was a while before I realized that. It was liberating when I figured out that I didn’t have to push the main characters together whether they wanted to be pushed or not.
But it presented another problem.
Romances are the best-selling fiction genre, generating half of all book sales. The genre sells so well and is so well organized that all a romance writer has to do is type ‘romance writer’ online and enough information comes up to get that writer published. The mystery genre is somewhat similar, though there aren’t quite so many sources of information and so is the science fiction field. But when you go farther afield, the information is harder to find.
I often wonder why this is so and I’ve never heard any reasons. There used to be something called ‘mainstream.’ I haven’t seen that label used for a while so I don’t know if it still exists as a genre or not. I suspect it was once what everything was dumped into that couldn’t be categorized easily.
I find that I enjoy writing a story without wondering what genre it fits into. And I’m learning that there are a lot of fiction genres out there just waiting for good stories.

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