First a bit of housekeeping and an apolo

First a bit of housekeeping and an apology for the several posts yesterday. I needed to ready the blog for Wolf Legend publicity and didn’t know how to do it without posting several times. Even my WordPress for Dummies didn’t tell me. If anyone knows how to change a page or post and to check the links without publishing it, please tell me.
I like Maggie from Wanted Sharpshooter. And Charlie from Spirit Legend. And Jane from Wolf Legend. And so on. I like my main characters and would enjoy having them as friends.
Now today’s post… liking my characters.
Liking my main characters is important to me as a writer. it enables me to do a good job of portraying them and taking them through whatever obstacles come their way until they reach a good place. Perhaps that’s a hold-over from the time when I wrote Confession stories, which are all told in first person from a very deep point of view.
I can’t imagine writing about someone I don’t like. Neither can I imagine writing about murderers. How do writers who specialize in true crime do it? How can they sleep at night when their days are filled with gore and horrors that happened to someone?
I’m glad I write about nice people and I’ll continue to do so. You can always know that my heroes and heroines are decent, hard-working, moral people and they may be going through some tough times but that won’t change who they are or how they behave.

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