My work-in-progress, Earth Legend, is ab

My work-in-progress, Earth Legend, is about colonizing the universe. About going beyond the solar system to spread humanity to the stars. It’s also, according to some people, unlikely to ever happen because nothing can go faster than light speed. Impossible. Can’t happen.
Maybe that’s not true. One of the first things I read when I was a kid reading quasi-science in science fiction magazines was that if there is any way to exceed light speed, it’ll require utilizing electromagnetism.
I never forgot that but I figured it was just some science fiction writer’s fantasy. But not too long ago, watching a science program on TV, the subject of light speed came up and guess what? Scientists are working on the problem of building ships that can exceed the speed of light. And how are they doing it? By creating an electromagnetic bubble around a space ship. Within that bubble, the ship won’t be restricted to the speed of light because that bubble will be a tiny universe inside the larger universe as we know it. And it can go faster than light.
I like the idea of getting around the universe as easily as from New York to San Francisco. I like the thought that Chloe and everyone else on the Goliath can go really far really fast. And I like the idea that people aren’t limited by anything.
So I’m glad I sometimes write science fiction because in time it just might become science fact.

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