I’m thinking of all the things that bec

I’m thinking of all the things that become fodder for stories. As winter ends and we examine the deer in the forest behind our house to see how they fared with the deep snow, I’m reminded of two orphan fawns we fed one brutal winter. They were so emaciated when we first noticed them that I’m sure they wouldn’t have survived without our care. And we had to chase full grown deer from the feeder so they could eat. But they survived, thrived, and considered our land home for the years. They became the protagonists of a Confession magazine story. I will remember them forever.

It’s thawing. Bailey can now get anywhe

It’s thawing. Bailey can now get anywhere without having to swim through the snow except for the drifts. So yesterday, when she was outside and we called her in, she turned the other way and kept going. Somewhere else. I had to put on boots and coat and cross the fields after her. I should have been angry but I know she needed to run after a winter of not being able to go anywhere except on cleared paths.
Yes, Snowball of Wolf Legend is based on Bailey, even though I didn’t realize it while I was writing the book. Sweet, wants to be good, is obedient most of the time but has a deep-seated need to be herself once in a while.
Writers use everyone they know in their stories. And, if they are like me, every animal they’ve ever met.

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Recently a writer asked if she should use a pen name for books she’s written that are no in her usual genre. She got a lot of advice and it was all over the place. Yes, she should get a pen name. No she shouldn’t.
My advice was not to bother because writers write pretty much the same kind of story no matter what genre their book is marketed in. Yes, there will be adjustments to account for the different genre, but the writing will be recognizable. If you like a writer’s work in one genre, you’ll probably like that same writer’s stories in any other genre. The only caution might be that if it’s romance or horror or such, some genres might be more explicit than others. If that’s not a problem for you, then don’t worry about the genre, just look for the writer.

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I’m thinking of wildlife lately. Including eagles. And about the Department of Natural Resources and how they are a governmental institution and so must follow government regulations both good and bad.
Years ago, a DNR count of eagles in the US and our county in particular didn’t mention the eagles nesting on the shore of our lake not far from our resort. We were surprised that they’d been overlooked. My husband called the DNR to inform them of the existence of those eagles. The DNR’s response was that they knew all about those eagles but they only counted eagles nesting on government land because that was how they were instructed to count eagles. Which meant that the very official count of all the eagles in the United States that was used to form policy was inaccurate, unrealistic and most likely seriously lower than the real count. We’ve never truly trusted any government figures since.

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Watching deer is a big thing around here. A friend once told of her surprise upon moving to the area to find out that ‘wildlife sightings’ is a competitive sport. How’d she not know that?
Anyway, a while back… a week or so… our grandson, Robert, cleared paths all over the yard. His plan was to leave deer food in several places in order to lure the deer to our yard so we could enjoy watching them and gain bragging rights. Then the wind started to blow and the paths disappeared. We checked the calendar and saw how close it is to spring and decided to let the sun do our work for us. So some day, when it’s warm enough, the deer will once again have some corn to eat and we’ll be able to tell the world how many deer were in our yard.

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Looks like winter might actually end. I still love winter but even I will admit that this one was more winter than we are used to. We got stuck in our own driveway, thanks to not clearing it while Dick was in the hospital and Robert had pneumonia. Guess who shirked her responsibility? Yep. Me. So our wonderful neighbor ended up plowing it for us. Here’s to neighbors and all other people who go out of their way to help out. And now spring is just around the corner. I’m actually looking forward to it.