Today’s Book Blast locale for Wolf Lege

Today’s Book Blast locale for Wolf Legend, with a drawing for a $30 Amazon gift card is:
While I’m thinking of wolves because of the Wolf Legend publicity, I’m also thinking of deer. We’ve started feeding the deer because so far the winter has been so severe and it’s towards the end of a winter that they are most likely to suffer. A few years back the Department of Natural Resources recommended not feeding them because when they gather in close quarters around a feeder, disease spreads more easily. But we’ve heard that the DNR is considering feeding them this year in spite of that caveat so we’re going ahead an doing it.
And what has happened? Nothing. One deer at the feeder. No more. So Dick checked and what do you suppose he found? That our next door neighbor has been feeding them all along, with a snazzy, high-tech feeder that spews feed out twice a day at chosen intervals. So guess where all the local deer are? Next door.
The thought has crossed my mind that if the snazzy feeder broke for some unknown reason, the deer might come to visit us. Except that, much as I love watching the deer, this is about getting them through the winter in good health, not a contest to see who can attract the most local wildlife. Darn it anyway.

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