Today’s Book Blast locale for Wolf Lege

Today’s Book Blast locale for Wolf Legend with a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift card is A Writer’s Life.
I became a writer to make money working from my home, not because I have any burning desire to write. Not because some inner compulsion pushes me towards the computer to spew out all my inner trauma and joy.
Not too long ago, however, I thought about going to work at MacDonalds or Walmart instead because they sound easier than the marketing that goes with writing for a living.
When the thought wound around through my mind, I discovered something. It hit so hard I fell into the nearest chair and stared at the wall for a long time.
I didn’t want to quit writing. I couldn’t. Somehow, sometime, during the years and years that I’ve been doing this, my writing segued from a business to a profession. From a craft to an art. From something I did for money to something I do because it fulfills something inside of me.
Talk about revelations! I now have joined those writers who write because they must, not because they choose.

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