Earth Legend

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Elle Omstead is a descendant of Ceres, goddess of the harvest. She knows that her ability with plants will be essential to keep the plants alive that will keep the colonists on board the space ship Goliath alive as it sails through space to another habitable planet. But her efforts to become a part of the crew or even a colonist have been thwarted at every turn so, with no other options available to her, she stows away.

She’s caught, of course, and thrown in the brig where her powers are useless and the plants begin to wither and die.

The Olmstead family first appeared in the short story The Tree Thing, published in volume 5 of the Talking Stick by the Jackpine Writers Bloc. It’s available free on Smashwords and can be accessed by clicking on the cover on the front page of this blog. If you like The Tree Thing, I’m confident you’ll love Earth Legend.

The Tree Thing

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A short story, The Tree Thing was the inspiration for Earth Legend, the third and last novel in the Legends series. The Tree Thing is about one member of the Olmstead family, descendants of the goddess Ceres. The Olmsteads are esssential for life on earth because they keep the plants alive that keep humankind alive.

But don’t mess with goddesses! When one member of this family is dumped by her fiance, she’s not happy. Not at all. And when he wants to reunite with her, she’s got to think about it. And show him a thing or two.

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.99 on Amazon (until I can get them to pricematch):

The Tree Thing

short story the tree thing cover 1A short story I wrote a number of years ago, The Tree Thing, that was published by the Jackpine Writers Bloc in their anthology The Talking Stick, is now published on both Smashwords and Amazon. It’s free on Smashwords and .99 on Amazon (until I can get them to pricematch.) Check it out.

The Tree Thing is the inspiration for Earth Legend, the last book in the Legends trilogy that will be published in a matter of weeks. Laura Shinn is already working on the cover. I can hardly wait because she did a wonderful job with the first two books. I can also hardly wait to get this book out to the reading public!