Coming soon free to Smashwords and my we

Coming soon free to Smashwords and my web site and to Amazon, the story that inspired Earth Legend, the last book in the Legends series.
Duh! It just dawned on me that I should get the short story out that involved another member of the Olmstead family, descendants of Ceres, goddess of the harvest. Of course, until a few days ago, such a thing wasn’t possible because I didn’t have a copy of the story. Then, in a fortuitous series of events, I came into possession of not only the anthology with that story in it but also another anthology with another short story of mine that I’d like to publish.
So as soon as possible, both will be onliine. But the story of the Olmstead family will be first. It’s titled The Tree Thing.

2 responses to “Coming soon free to Smashwords and my we”

  1. we await your book

    1. Coming as soon as I finish Tails on the Trail. My grandson’s dog must be taken for a walk with a few hundred other dogs.

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