I’ve written short stories and novels. (Also been a copywriter, a story doctor and a ghost writer but those aren’t the subject for today.)

I prefer short stories. Not because I think they are better than other ways of telling stories but because I like the clarity. Beginning, middle, end and words along the way that put the characters in sharp focus without rambling.

So, though I still like novels and have a few in the back of my mind, I’m back to short fiction. At least for a while.

Science fiction to be precise because it was my first love as a kid and has remained so throughout my life. Though, in all honesty, I’m puzzled by the short science fiction I see today. It’s geared towards gamers and the thought process, and therefore the story process, is somewhat different.



2 responses to “SHORT STORIES”

  1. Agreed Florence – I want to be transported to new worlds, read about fantastic technologies, meet new lifeforms, etc, not about characters angst, finding themselves and defeating ‘unbeatable’ universal foes 😱

  2. Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to know that people who read my stuff also like science fiction.

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