I looked at the thermometer this morning and considered going into a song and dance routine. Because it was thirty-two degrees. It was up to freezing. This is important because two days ago it was minus thirty-four degrees. That’s cold. Very cold. So cold I didn’t attend church. Or go outside at all.

Two days was all it took to change from truly miserable cold (it was also windy, which makes going outside dangerous) to winter weather with beautiful white snow that’s perfect for making snow angels. Just two days.

Writing is like that. One day a writer can be in the depths of depression because inspiration won’t come and all that appears on the page is drivel.

But wait a while. Just wait an hour or so — or a day or two — and that can all change and that drivel can turn into inspiration. Or, put another way, minus thirty-four degrees can turn into a balmy and beautiful winter day.

So just wait. Inspiration will come.

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