Is it good to write like Hemingway or Fitzgerald nowadays and should we use their writing styles in our own writing?

 Yes and no.

Both writers have styles that never go out of style so, in that way, writing like them is always a good idea.

But today’s readers want fast-moving plots and offhand I can’t think of any writers of past times that write in that particular way.

A better way of looking at style is to sort of copy their style — writers do copy other writers — while at the same time keeping in mind that your story should move quickly.

One last note: even if you deliberately try to copy another writer, you won’t, because your own individual way of thinking and writing will creep in and the result will be uniquely your own.

That’s a good thing because, copying great writers while putting your own stamp on your work is what will make your writing stand out from all others.

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