My Confession

Okay. I confess.

I always say — and I mean it — that I write uplifting, comfortable, clean romances that end happily.

When I say that, I lie — sort of. A little bit. A teeny, tiny little bit.

Because, in my long career as a writer, I have been known to write some stuff that can be classified as horror — or dystopian — or simply scary. Not much, but it has happened.

I’m confessing this because I plan to include some of that stuff as free reads on this site. Mostly sci-fi, and my short story type sci-fi isn’t romantic. And at least one short horror story.

So that’s it. The truth. The ugly truth? Anyway, the not-so-happily-ever-after truth.

Watch for them. They’ll be here as soon as I can squeeze in the time to get them uploaded.

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