Back cover blurb for ‘A Very Black Cat’

Here it is, a different kind of back cover blurb that focuses on the town first and only gets to the main characters and the story halfway through.


Welcome to Johns Falls, the small town in the northern Minnesota wilderness where everyone knows everything about everybody, often before they know it themselves.

So it’s not surprising that the two people busily falling in love are the last to know, even when they are the very lovers everyone’s talking about and asking for the lurid, juicy details. (Of which there aren’t any because this is a clean, fun romance.)

But for the lovers to deny they are in love when they are told straight out? That’s a tad far-fetched, even for Johns Falls.

So meet Becky, dedicated small-town career gal following her pre-determined course to be the best bookkeeper in the area and now, with the blessings of her boss and all-around nice guy Tobias Whittaker, a genuine business consultant with a framed diploma on the wall as soon as she finishes an online course that she’ll fail without help from someone who understands the nuances of the people side of small town businesses.

Also meet Jackson, the hunky, former football jock and newish, charismatic owner of the lumberyard in town whose charm can convince the must obstinate customer to buy something, whether that customer knew he wanted it or not, and whose boyish smile can subdue even the most stubborn heart but who can’t keep his books straight no matter how hard he tries.

Add one small, black cat with a mind of its own into the mix that’s not content to watch his two favorite people live without each other one second longer than necessary.

Put them all together and watch what happens, along with the entire town of Johns Falls, Minnesota


So what do you think? Will it fly? Should I make it official? Or do you suggest any changes or eliminating it altogether and replacing it with a more traditional type blurb? Let me know, I’m flying blind here!

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