2018 3 1

Spring comes to the USA in increments.

So how do you know when spring has begun? There is a way. It’s the appearance of the first tiny leaves on the trees, or the first crocus plants peeping through the snow. The Spring Leaf Index is an official measure of these early season events that you can find in plants as well as the experts.

Did you know you can track the progression of spring across the country? And that over-the-road truckers say one nice thing about their job is that they can follow spring and the flowering shrubs and trees as it moves from south to north and they travel along with it?

I know this because my husband was an over-the-road trucker at one time in our lives and early one spring he asked me to go with him. For a special reason. I couldn’t imagine what that reason was until we ended up in the South and started north once more.

He’d checked his route and knew that we’d be going through some of the loveliest country imaginable. I watched forsythia and other wildflowers and shrubs blooming from South to North and he told me in advance what I’d be seeing next because he’d seen spring arrive before on previous trips.

I’ll never forget that trip following spring as it made its way north and I’ve watched for it in my own area ever since.

I think that some day I’ll write a story about spring. Maybe make spring a character. It’s so full of life and promise that it would make a great character.

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