What is your motivation for writing?

 2018 3 24 writer
My original motivation for writing was to earn a paycheck from home doing something I enjoyed. And it worked for many years. Then Amazon turned the bricks and mortar publishing industry on its head and the magazines I wrote for went belly up and I found myself without that paycheck.


I tried other means of making money writing. Ghostwriting. Book doctoring. Editing. Etc. They all brought in some money and a lot of headaches. Did you know that it’s easy to lose money doing those things? Very easy! And it’s hard work. So I decided I didn’t want to work my butt off to lose money.

So I found a publisher and started writing novels and I enjoy it greatly. Only problem is that I also must do the marketing and I suck at marketing.

But I’ve found that I want to continue writing whether I get that paycheck or not. Not because I have some fundamental, gut-deep urge to write because I don’t and never did. Nor because I must write or die because I can do many other things and be happy, thank you very much.

Rather I find I wish to continue because I’ve learned a lot about the craft and art of writing during the many years I’ve been at it and I find that I wish to continue to use those skills until they begin to wane. (Which, at my age, could be any day.)

I know how to put a story together. How to create viable characters. How to create a character arc that works. How to both create and describe a setting without the description intruding on the pace of the story. I know how to pace for best effect. I know how to do all the things that, put together, make up a decent story.

In other words, I know how to write and, darn it, I like doing something that I’m good at!

3 responses to “What is your motivation for writing?”

  1. I too am abysmal at marketing, but I haven’t tried. I have the crazy notion the two approaches below will work.
    Have you been able to use your production in writing as a marketing tool. One way, you’re just not conceiving stories, but you might use metaphors, allegories and similes as a means to drop in comments about today’s society and problems? Second way, by the excellence of your production, you lead by example. People want to read and follow you.

    • You are right. I’m trying — and I even took a class on how to use my writing as a marketing tool — and it will probably work as soon as I actually use the techniques recommended!

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