Words are Weird

Words are weird. Take the word periwinkle. It can mean at least four different things: 1) the color lavender-blue, 2) a flower that is lavender-blue, 3) a spiral-shelled mollusk, AND 4) to pry or drag something out from somewhere. So… you could periwinkle a periwinkle in a field of periwinkle-colored periwinkles.

And you thought writing was easy. I suggest you never write a story about periwinkles.

Now how about checking out my newest book. It’s number 2 in the Johns Falls clean small-town romance series and it’s titled A Very Black Cat because, as many of you know, one of the main characters is a small, black cat that may — or may not — be a familiar, a witch’s cat. Which do you think? (Hint — it’s a nice small-town romance but that’s no guarantee that strange things don’t happen in Johns Falls.)

In fact, wait for my next series of Johns Falls romances. I will call it a different series about the same town simply because these future books will be different. Not quite so lighthearted though still clean and wholesome because that’s what I write the most.

And Thursday, April 12, 2018 I’ll be a guest on Jo Huddleston’s blog so stop by and say ‘hi.’ I plan on dropping by myself every so often to see how things are going and answer any questions — and maybe ask a few myself.


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