Still above water

2018 5 12

Venice, Italy, is a floating city. It is comprised of 112 separate islands that are near each other in a bay of the Adriatic Sea. 

You’d think the city would gradually fall into the sea as its foundation decays. But the foundation doesn’t decay. At least it hasn’t yet and it looks like there are many more years before that happens.

Venice has a special, unique foundation. Under the houses, churches, and bridge supports, are 10 million tree trunks buried deep in the earth that provide that special foundation for the city. Tree trunks! Wood, the stuff that rots when it gets wet and all that wood is in the ocean. And many of those tree trunks have been there for hundreds of years. The secret to keeping Venice safe is the fact that they are protected from decay by the underground clay. The clay keeps them dry and they keep the city safe.

Some day I’d like to visit and take a gondola ride down the canals and under the ancient bridges. Those gondolas are gorgeous, colorful, and romantic. And I write romances so what could be better than visiting Venice some day and calling it ‘research?’

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