Red Carpet Dreaming

2018 5 19

Have you ever daydreamed about what you would do if you were invited to a glamorous red carpet event or something as publicized as the Royal Wedding? Because a lot of people were invited and not all were royalty either. So why not me?

Anyway, just in case. I’ll be prepared because I’ve thought about it lots of times and not just for royal weddings. There are movie premiers. Presidential inaugurations. Pulitzer prize ceremony. Opening of fishing season. (Oops, maybe that’s not exactly red carpet though it is at that level of importance up here in the north country.)

What would I wear? My cousin is an accomplished seamstress, would she make me a gown? What color should it be? Hair up or down? Who could I get to do my makeup? How high should my heels be?

Most of all, who would I take as my plus one? My mom? My sister? My handsomest male friend to be arm candy for the cameras? My cat?

You might laugh at my red carpet dreams, but at least I’ll be prepared if the call comes!

When it comes.


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