The Christmas House

When I hear the word ‘parchment’ I think of those very official scrolls containing royal pronouncements. You know, the kind that start with “Hear ye, hear ye” followed by all kinds of important announcements like:  “The prince is throwing a ball!” 

So this seems like the time to announce that soon my next book will be published. September first is the date the manuscript (my baby) goes to the publisher and, if past performance is any indication, it’ll be on Amazon soon afterwards.

So go to Amazon during the first part of September, check out The Christmas House by Florence Witkop and make me the happiest woman in the world by writing a review. Hopefully a good review but any honest review will be welcome.

The Christmas House is the third and last book of the Johns Falls series of clean, small-town romances. It was originally going to be titled The Forest House because it’s about a young woman who goes to live in a house in the forest where her grandmother grew up and where she spent many summers. But since the story ends around Christmas, and since Christmas is a big part of the ending, I changed the title.

The heroine, Abby, must stay in the house for a year and live ‘in the old way’ as much as possible in order to meet the grandmother’s conditions for owning it. Of course, the first day there, she gets between a mother bear and its cubs. And meets a hunky guy. And the rest is history. And another good Johns Falls story.

It probably won’t be the last story set in Johns Falls because I already have another series in mind that will also be set there but will be different because the stories will be mysteries that will be told in the first person. I’m doing it that way because I love writing in the first person and it’s common for mysteries. I’ve never written a full-length mystery novel before. A few short stories, but never a truly long one. Will be interesting. Wish me luck.

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