The Devil and Details

As you may  have noticed, I love surfing for interesting tidbits to pass along. Today’s is almost prescient so I had to mention it!

Here it is, as I read it:

Isn’t it weird that there is an old adage that says “The devil’s in the details” AND one that says “God is in the details”?

Which is it?

On the one hand, getting down to the nitty gritty can sometimes reveal that a project is harder, more complicated, and overall worse than you first imagined.

But on the other hand, it’s the details that bring richness and make something truly special.  


Hmmmmm. I need to think on this one. Especially as I just finished my latest book in the Johns Falls series and today is the day to start going over it. The dreaded second draft. The editing. The spellchecking. (Is that a word? It should be.)

Yep, today I start with the details. I can only hope that I find richness and something special instead of worse than I could imagine.

But I expect I will because I loved the story from the moment it popped into my mind.

Hint, hint: I’ll soon (in the next few days) be looking for/needing reviews. Free PDF of The Christmas House sent to the email of anyone willing to post a review on Amazon. Or just send me the review if you don’t have an Amazon account and I’ll post them as ‘editorial reviews.’

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