Harvest time for writers

As a writer, I know how important being organized is and when this time of year arrives, I always feel that itch to get things figured out.

My favorite season as a writer is winter. Yes, I like spring and love autumn’s colors and the cool breezes that make me feel more alive, but there’s something about winter.

I think it’s because I’ve gone through that organizational period that seems genetically connected with the harvest season — taking what’s been growing in my mind while the hummingbirds and insects flew around my head on the deck and putting it all into some kind of coherent order — and am now ready to get going. To start writing that next book. Or series.

So I love back-to-school time and I find myself looking ahead to the coming change of the seasons, getting excited about Halloween, and every time I pass an aisle of school supplies in a store that feeling grows!

Because something about new pencils, folders, staplers and more makes me feel like I’m about to really get myself organized, and fresh boxes of markers and colored pencils have me feeling the creative itch.

And, yes, this year is no exception. Every yellow leaf on the ground beyond the window of my desk with its computer waiting to be used and every little kid perusing crayons at Walmart makes me just a bit more excited.

(thanks MissouriQuiltCo.com)

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