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The Christmas House

The Christmas House

More than anything, Abby Carr wants to own the house in the forest where she spent many happy, childhood summers and she can have it if she follows the rules her grandmother laid out for owning it.

Having quit her job and moved to the north woods of Minnesota to live there and eventually own the house in the forest, she moves in — and realizes her grandmother wasn’t specific about the requirements. Exactly what does ‘living the old way’ mean? And how can she ‘make a living and become a permanent resident’ when she can’t find a job? But she’ll do her best. Until, on her very first day, she gets between a mother bear and its cubs and barely escapes with her life. Things go downhill from there and only the help of her hunky neighbor promises to get her through the year alive and undamaged.

Bruce Merriweather grew up in the wilderness and pretty much knows everything there is to know about living there and is willing to tutor Abby if she’ll pay for the lessons with her to-die-for muffins, which he dearly loves.

Muffins? Really!

With no other options, she reluctantly agrees, ignoring his effect on her libido because both of them are too busy surviving in the forest to have time for romance. But romance has a way of sneaking into any and all hearts and Christmas in the forest is the perfect time and place for love.

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