My feeble attempt at a newsletter!

I  have a confession to those of you who don’t already know a sad fact about me:  I’m technologically challenged.

That means that computer stuff that other people can do in minutes take me hours — days — weeks.

I’m not kidding. A fellow author, when discussing MailChimp for newsletters, said it’s easy to figure out how to use it. Fifteen minutes is all it’ll take, she said, because it’s so intuitive.

I’m not sure whose intuition it’s designed to complement but I’m sure it’s not mine. In fact, after more days and hours than I care to admit, I may — or may not — have my MailChimp signup on this website for my newsletter up and running.

So —– anyone who cares to check out the front page of this website and sign up for my newsletter is encouraged to do so, even if you ‘unsubscribe’ the next day because I’d like to know if it actually works. If you actually get where you’re supposed to be going. If you truly get access to the free book that you’re actually supposed to be getting access to.

If you do, let me know if it works or not. In other words  HELP! (Just kidding. I think.)

I’m really afraid the answer will be ‘or not’ but I’m always the hopeful optimist.

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