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News and notes from Florence Witkop

Here goes — my first real newsletter and that’s saying a lot from someone as technologically inept as I am. But, as with all writers, I have things I want to say and that means figuring out how this newsletter thing works, starting with a picture of flowers at the top that I liked so much I used it for my website and Facebook pages.

Flowers are a wonderful part of God’s creation that I can’t grow or even keep alive but that I love having in my life. That’s where friends and family come in. They know how to plant and tend and grow all kinds of things and I’m the fortunate recipient of their abilities.

My last novel published by Winged Publications — The Christmas House — came about from my many years living in the north woods of northern Minnesota. Where it gets cold in the winter. Warm but not hot in the summer. Where mosquitoes should be the state bird because they are everywhere! And where the forest is a living thing that’s so different from the farmland and prairies of other areas, even those that adjoin the forest. Step inside the woods, beneath those trees, and everything changes.

I tried to capture the feel of the forest in The Christmas House while telling the story of a romance that just happened in spite of the two main characters not looking for a relationship because they were too busy living and working in that very special forest and I wanted to do it in a book for people who not only love the forest but who love Christmas.

Let me know if I succeeded.  http://www.Amazon.com/dp/B07H1ZYMSP

I started writing An Antique Timepiece (don’t know if that’ll be the final title, but it works for now). I have it plotted out and all that remains is for it to be written. It’ll be published sometime next spring or summer as one of several time-travel novellas in FGMN from Winged Publications.

It’s the story of a man who wakes up on a farm in the present day that he lived in a hundred years ago. He’s lost his memory and only knows that the gold railroad watch he carries is important.

Turns out is more important than he realizes. It’s what transported  him through time and it might just do so again. If that happens, the love story that is unfolding between him and the current owner of his former farm will never come to fruition and he’ll be trapped forever in a life of moving through thime.

Unless something can be done to stop time.

All authors need reviews and that means they need reviewers who receive an advance copy of a book (ARC) in exchange for a review when it’s published.

If either of these books sound like the kind of book you’d enjoy reading for free, contact me at fwitkop@gmail.com and let me know that you’re interested in joining my review team and I promise you a free advance copy of whatever books I write in the future.

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