Coming this spring! Watch for it!

THE MAN FROM YESTERDAY   by Florence Witkop
Published by Winged Publications, ForgetMeNotRomances
What if you went for a walk and brought home a man from another era? Impossible? Sometimes the impossible happens.
When Carey finds an unconscious man among the wildflowers on her farm, he awakens knowing only his name and what her farm was like a hundred years ago. He’s clearly suffering from amnesia and ‘something else’ that the doctor doesn’t understand, but when the doctor tells Carey that he’ll recover his memory faster in familiar surroundings – and her farm is familiar– she offers him a place in her home to avoid sending him to an institution, not dreaming how important he’ll become as time passes, both to her new business– and to her heart. But, as his memory returns and Carey and her new guest find themselves falling in love in spite of themselves, they realize that the ‘something else’ that the doctor didn’t understand is that he’s from the past. He traveled in time. And may do so again, separating the lovers forever.

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