Is writing about romantic love difficult?

Is it difficult writing about romantic love? The answer depends on your definition of romantic love as compared to physical love.

Physical love has been described as graphic descriptions of the sex act. That’s just plumbing. You can (and I have! ) taken a basic plumbing handbook meant to help a do-it-your-selfer plumb your house and, just by changing some terms, turn it into a scene in a romance.

Romantic love, on the other hand, is all about perception. What happens isn’t as important as how the characters feel about what’s happening.

So in romantic love, the writer must delve into the character’s feelings, which can make writing about romantic love more difficult than writing sexually explicit scenes because describing feelings can be far more subtle and complex than describing physical actions.

So maybe writing about romantic love is more difficult. Maybe….

As a side note, I read not too long ago that sales of sexually explicit romances are down 40% and sales of ‘clean’ romances (those without sexually explicit scenes) are up 80%.

Take from those numbers what you will!

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