What is the most time efficient way to come up with good writing ideas?

How to come up with good writing ideas? There’s one good way that works for both fiction and nonfiction.

That way used to involve reading the newspaper. Now it involves going online and reading the news there. Either way, you look for what’s happening in the world.

Then you find whatever ‘speaks’ to you. What you think you can turn into a story. Nonfiction if that’s what you write, fiction if that’s your thing.

When you use this method you know that what you are writing is timely and of interest to readers and, since every writer has their own way of presenting a story (fictional or otherwise) even if other writers have done the same thing and chosen the exact same piece of information that you have chosen, the results will be so completely different that few readers will even realize they originated in the same nugget of information.

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