I have a question….

I have a question for you readers of my blog. Yes, I have a question for you!

How often do you like to see posts? Occasionally? Often? Once a week? Daily?

I’m thinking of posting way more often than I’m doing now — I’ll never be able to post to anything, anywhere every day — but there will be times when it’ll be daily for a while.

Would that chase you away? Scare you off? Make you scream for mercy? Or would it be okay with you?

I await your answers, either here or emailed to me.

Yes, I’ll use the information in those answers to decide what will be the way forward.

(I love that phrase, ‘the way forward.’ Just like a politician.)

2 responses to “I have a question….”

  1. I try to post on my blog about every two weeks. I may start posting weekly. 🙂

  2. Just whenever you can Florence, i really appreciate hearing from you. Have a Great evening. God Bless you.

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