Why do some writers use pen names?

Why do some writers use fake names? There are a few reasons. Maybe a lot of reasons, but these are the ones I know:

  1. A writer who writes in different genres may choose a different pen name for each genres as a way to let readers know which genre the book they are considering was written in.
  2. Writers of porn and/or erotica may not want friends and family to know what they write so they may choose pen names to hide behind.
  3. A writer may choose a pen name to help sell books. For instance, a simple name starting with one of the first letters of the alphabet makes it easier to find and remember that writer’s books than a long, unusual name that will get that book near the bottom of any list of books that’s listed alphabetically by author name.

4 responses to “Why do some writers use pen names?”

  1. I have published one book. During the years while writing the book I had decided that I would be using a pen name. When the time came to publish I had a conversation with a friend who had supported me through the journey, she encouraged me to use my real name.

  2. I’m glad you used your real name. Though there are a couple of legitimate reasons for using pen names, I always suspect that the writer does so because they are ashamed to admit they wrote the book. Clearly, you are not such a writer.

  3. Wow, this is so interesting, if I were to write a book for sure I would use my real name because I would not be ashamed or would not write about something that I would be ashamed of. If I am going to write something, I am going to write about what I believe in and not be ashamed of it. Thank you for sharing this Florence. you always have good topics. God Bless you.

  4. Glad you like what you find on my website.

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