I love stories.

I listen to them. I watch them on TV, videos, or movies. I read them.

And I write them.

I’ve written almost every kind of story there is. Mystery, romance, confession, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and every other kind I can think of and garnered a couple prizes and ‘best-selling’ author designations along the way.

I’ve written short stories, novellas, and novels.

In the process I’ve learned that my favorite stories are science fiction and paranormal. Preferably the two combined.

My stories are always clean, they are always either contemporary or near future, they always have at least a slight romantic element, and they always end happily. Always. Guaaranteed. (Okay, two short stories, ‘The River Boy’ and ‘Down From The Mountain’ have endings that might not be considered completely happy. Maybe just somewhat happy. You decide.)

Check out the covers below and see what you think. And have a happy, happy day.


What is the best way to start a horror novel?

I was asked what’s the best way to start a horror novel. The answer is: the same as the best way to start any novel but, with a horror novel, it’s even more important. It’s essential.

You jump right in with what’s called a ‘hook.’ That’s something that will pull the reader into the story fast and completely. With a horror novel, that ‘something’ should be horror-related. It’s best if it also foreshadows the climax because that’s good story-telling.

The hard part is creating a hook that doesn’t come across as contrived or irrelevant while it takes the reader seamlessly into the story.

Hmmmmm—— now that you know what to do, sit down and do some serious thinking. And plotting. And not sleeping because your own creation is giving you nightmares.

Good luck!

2 responses to “What is the best way to start a horror novel?”

  1. Thank you for all the good advice Florence. God Bless you.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of the horror genre but, as a writer, I appreciate that it’s a relatively uncomplicated genre to write because it’s so focused on one thing — horror.

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