Summer Love’s Adventure Anthology

I’d like to announce another anthology from Winged Publications with one of my books in it. Summer Love’s Adventure Anthology contains 5 romances that are perfect for lazy, summer reading.  Here’s the cover, wonderful, as usual, and isn’t that summer in a picture?

Summer Love's Adventure Anthology set

Now a bit about each book:
Sunny’s Dream by Mary Ball:  A cyber-crime mystery all mixed up with a male chauvinist. (Bet he doesn’t stay that way!)
Chance in Maine by Joi Copeland: running an inn can be lonely, something Amanda knows all too well. When Chance moves to town, that can change. If he can change.
The Burning Ocean by Sadie and Sophie Cuffe: Artists Beatrix and trail-keeper Calvin are opposites. Until a wildfire changes everything.
Tidewater Summer by Jo Huddleston: Rose is off men forever. Until handyman Frank starts repairing her house and her heart.
Shh — Don’t Tell by yours truly, Florence Witkop:  Chloe repairs a broken heart by saving a clutch of ducklings from too much publicity but who will save her from Ryan, the nosy reporter who is determined to make them — and him — famous?
The collection is available now on Amazon:
So  happy summer reading everyone!

2 responses to “Summer Love’s Adventure Anthology”

  1. The sound Awesome!! Thank you Florence. 🙂

  2. Winged Publications does all it can to get books out to readers. Perhaps some day they’ll no longer be a ‘small publisher.’

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