Facebook and authors — change is constant.

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I’d just as soon never go on it because I have other things to do with my life. But when I do check out what’s happening there, I’m always glad I did because inevitably I learn something interesting.

And, of course, Facebook is a wonderful place for authors to connect with readers. The things is, Facebook knows how powerful a tool it is for writers. And Facebook is constantly evolving.

According to Facebook experts, they aggressively seek out new and better ways to connect people. They are good at it.

Sooooooo —— changes are coming that all authors have been told about and experts on such things (yes, there are probably Facebook experts because there are experts on everything) authors will be advised to make a few changes. Since I always listen to experts and try to follow their advice, here are two things that will happen in the future. There are a lot of other suggestions for authors, but these are the two that I believe apply to me:

  1. When posting to Facebook, I won’t post links to my books on Amazon. According to Facebook experts, linking directly to Amazon is a no-no that could get me kicked off. Instead, I’ll post links to my website and, from there, readers can click on any book and be taken to the Amazon sales page.
  2. I will never ask anyone to ‘like’ anything. I don’t believe that I ever did (okay, I can remember one time!) but just in case, it’s now another ‘no-no’ though it won’t get me kicked off like linking to Amazon will. Readers can ‘love’ something or choose an emoticon or show their feelings in some other way. They can still click on the ‘like’ button if they choose, but it won’t mean anything, according to Facebook. (Why not? Doesn’t make sense to me but, hey, this is Facebook, so don’t expect it to be reasonable!)

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