Question: What do you wish to see more of in young adult novels?

My answer? Everyday realism.

Maybe that’s not what young adults are looking for when they choose a work of fiction to read and I understand completely that people often choose a different world to visit when they read a book.

But you asked what I’d like to see — my personal preference — and that’s it. Reality as it exists for most young people and that’s not the reality of slums, nor is it the reality of the top one percent.

I understand that writing stories about normal people that are interesting enough that other normal people will actually read them is hard. Very hard.

But it’s what I’d like to see because, when it’s done well, it’s absolutely amazing.

One response to “Question: What do you wish to see more of in young adult novels?”

  1. Hi Florence, I do too. I wish there were more books for preteens, I think that age which would fall in the grades 6th,7th and 8th are tough years for our youngsters , that is a hard age for both boys and girls. And what I mean about books for them would be about real life experiences. Have a Great week Florence.

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