King of the tree stump


I like goats, always have, ever since we had a couple as a kid. Okay, one of them wasn’t the nicest goat in the world and when he died we didn’t care. But the nanny — Nancy, of course — was the kindest animal ever and gave us milk daily.

So when my daughter got goats, I had to come visit them. And take pictures. And this one, Bucky (the other is Lucky) has claimed the huge stump left over after taking down a dying oak tree. He knows he’s king of the world and wants everyone else to know it too.

What do people do who live in town? I’m sure there are many other, different things that they do and treasure. I have lived in the city and suburbs so I know a bit about such pleasures, but not as much as most people who live there.

But I’m quite familiar with country and wilderness things and enjoy those treasures daily. Like deer and bears. And mosquitoes large enough to carry you off. (Would they be counted as treasures? Or something more ominous?) And I enjoy meeting whatever goats are around.

And what unique — and sometimes odd — treasures do you find along the way of life?

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