I love stories.

I listen to them. I watch them on TV, videos, or movies. I read them.

And I write them.

I’ve written almost every kind of story there is. Mystery, romance, confession, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and every other kind I can think of and garnered a couple prizes and ‘best-selling’ author designations along the way.

I’ve written short stories, novellas, and novels.

In the process I’ve learned that my favorite stories are science fiction and paranormal. Preferably the two combined.

My stories are always clean, they are always either contemporary or near future, they always have at least a slight romantic element, and they always end happily. Always. Guaaranteed. (Okay, two short stories, ‘The River Boy’ and ‘Down From The Mountain’ have endings that might not be considered completely happy. Maybe just somewhat happy. You decide.)

Check out the covers below and see what you think. And have a happy, happy day.


Horses, horses, and more horses.


Did we warp our daughter forever when she was young by getting her a horse? And then another horse?

I wonder because when I visited her last, I counted five of the huge things in her corral. Of course, with horses, she also has a very large barn with barn cats and hay and a paddock where my great-grandchildren are learning to ride, taught by my granddaughter, who was taught by her horse-loving parents.

Of course my daughter married a man who also grew up around horses and probably knows more about them than any other person on earth. Did we ruin her for anyone other than another horse person?

So I wonder. Are horses good things to encourage?

Easy answer. Of course they are! They are good. Wonderful. And beautiful. So if she has five, that’s five to the good.

I hope. Do you agree?

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