It’s still summer. And still warm. And secrets are still secrets.

The first of the Johns Falls series, Shh– Don’t Tell, was written over the course of almost a year because it was the first of the series and I didn’t know Johns Falls all that well yet. Now I know the fictional town like the back of my hand and can take characters through it with ease, but back then I had to think how to navigate the town without tripping over a location I’d described earlier in the book that would make the current action impossible.

No more. Whew!

I think the most intriguing part of Johns Falls is the waterfall that gives the town its name and that is close to the outdoor garden store, separated by a narrow but thick strip of forest. Beyond that strip is a park-like area of grass that, at the end of the book, actually becomes a park, courtesy of the town fathers, complete with a bench so people can sit and enjoy the view of water falling over rocks and the resulting rainbow that appears like magic every day at the right time.

That magical waterfall is in Shh–Don’t Tell more than once and I enjoyed describing it and the river at the bottom of the falls is the perfect place for a family of ducks to grow up.

I’d love to go wading in that river and enjoy the spray from the waterfall. What about you? Want to join me?

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