A reader’s question: Should the writers who feel that writing is a burden be considered good writers? Shouldn’t a writer have a passion for writing?

Shouldn’t a writer have a passion for writing?

Not necessarily, though it helps if the writer is a voracious reader and at enjoys at least one or more of the aspects of writing.

I wasn’t passionate about writing when I began. I simply wanted to earn money working at home and, since I love reading, becoming a writer was the first thing I considered.

But I was smart enough to go about it as a professional. I did my homework before putting down one single word on paper. I researched what kinds of writing existed and, out of those kinds that paid enough to be worth doing, which could I do? Then, when I had my answers, I took a course in creative writing and put the seat of my pants to the seat of my chair and set to work and became a professional writer.

I’m still doing it and, even though I never was passionate about writing itself, I find that I enjoy it enough that even if I don’t get paid (and most writers will attest to the fact that they do a lot of freebies) I do it because by now, though I’ll never be actually passionate about writing, I know how to do it and am proud of the fact that I am a professional and can do it well.

And I love that I can write stories that I’d like to read. The kind that I love and that no one else can write exactly as I’d like them to be written. That’s a huge ‘extra’ that all writers enjoy.

Do you know someone who struggles to write but continues anyway?

2 responses to “A reader’s question: Should the writers who feel that writing is a burden be considered good writers? Shouldn’t a writer have a passion for writing?”

  1. Hi Florence, hmm, I thought that maybe all writers were doing what they like to do, but I guess it does make sense, just like any other job, people need to make a living and it it not necessarily what they are passionate about that they are doing. But like you said writers can write what they like to write about and like it. I always enjoy reading your posts Florence and I learn a lot from them, and I Thank you. Have a Great week. God Bless you.

  2. I always thought I’d be a writer eventually. I just never thought it would be before I’d retired from another profession but that’s what happened because I taught school for a number of years but didn’t wait until retirement to quit teaching and become a writer. So I guess that says something about what kind of job I prefer doing! And I do love writing, I’m just not as passionate about it as some writers I know. My life would not come to an end if I couldn’t write, I’d just miss the opportunity to put my ideas out there.

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