Pampered Chefs indeed!

I love Pampered Chef. They make kitchen gadgets and cookware that last just about forever. I spoke with one woman who still has the pan she bought fifty years ago. Fifty years!

So when my granddaughter said she was going to sell Pampered Chef products, I told her that she was making a mistake because how many sales can you make when everything you sell lasts forever? Not many!

However, it seems that Pampered Chef will sell meal starter kits starting in September. (Hey, that’s just after Labor Day and cooking is work even if it’s also enjoyable. So was the timing intentional?)

Whatever their reasoning, meal starter kits will not last forever and will bring customers back. And back. And back again. And still again. A steady business.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Next time I’ll mind my own business and trust people like my granddaughter to know exactly what they are doing.

So I wonder. Am I the only person who’s considered sticking my head in a hole and hiding because I foolishly didn’t think someone else knew what they were doing and told them so?

2 responses to “Pampered Chefs indeed!”

  1. No you are not the only one Florence, it happens to all of us., a lot of us just don’t admit it. 🙂 Have a Great weekend. God Bless you . As always , I enjoyed reading this blog.

  2. I sometimes wonder about the posts I write. Maybe I talk too much.

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