Tired of summer yet?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to get tired of summer, but there’s always that chance. You know what I mean. Too much warm, beautiful weather. Too many sunny days. Or too many mosquitoes and wood ticks. Any of the previous things can make you yearn for adventure of another sort.

Like joining the multi-generational colonizing space ship the Destiny on a trip across the galaxy to a new life on a new planet. Okay, at the present time you can only join it in your mind since the real space ship isn’t yet built. But it’s described in detail in EARTH LEGEND, the third and last of the LEGENDS series, and you can believe me when I say that the Destiny is one grand and glorious ship, even on paper between the covers of a novel.

So check it out. (You can find a link to it on the side of this blog.)

I was excited to find this picture because, in my mind, it’s what the Destiny might look like.

Of course, as you can see as you read the little blurb that accompanies the picture, things won’t necessarily go smoothly during the trip. So before you pack your mental bags, prepare for the worst. Because it just might happen. And cheer for Elle. Because she might just need it.

Do you think Elle will save the colonists?

earth legend promo canva

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