Autumn is here



I went outside this morning and happened to pass by a bush that’s outside my office. I’d noticed before that it seemed to have a few slightly yellow leaves. However, passing by so close, I realized that it has more than a couple. It is showing signs of heading into autumn full steam ahead.

That’s good as far as I’m concerned because I love autumn. The cool weather. The crisp air. The unbelievably blue sky. And the colors that turn the earth into a festival of brilliance.

I even like the white season that follows autumn, though I admit that I tend to love it best while admiring all that white stuff through a window while inside where it’s nice and warm and comfortable.

Welcome autumn!

One response to “Autumn is here”

  1. Loved reading your post Florence. I Love autumn also , I love the leaves changing and I even like seeing the trees after loosing all their leaves. The mornings have been a bit cooler here in Texas also, which is really nice. I Love winter also, and I agree with you , I Love to see snow falling from inside my warm house. Have a Great weekend . God Bless you .

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