Country living, oh my!

IMG_0370 (2)

Anyone who lives in the country and depends on a septic system to get rid of used water will understand why I snapped this picture of a crew digging a new system into our property.

It’s been a year since we learned our old septic was overloaded due to misuse because I didn’t know how to properly care for a septic system. Oh my, if I’d known it would still be working! But I didn’t.

So for a year I’ve been talking to septic experts and conserving water to make the old system last until a new one could be installed. Should I shower or could I wait a bit? Does a dishwasher use less water than washing by hand? Or more? Can I wear these jeans another day so as to do less laundry? And other equally important questions.

I also spoke to bank loan people because septic systems are expensive. But necessary. And so nice to have!

And today the new system is going in. All kinds of huge equipment rolled into my yard early this morning and all these competent professionals got right to work. And I was so excited that I had to snap a picture and show it to the world!

Because when they leave I’m taking a shower whether I need one or not and I’m going to let the water run almost forever. Just because I can.

I’m sure you understand because I’m guessing you’ve gone through something similar. Something seemingly mundane but very, very important.

One response to “Country living, oh my!”

  1. Hi Florence, loved reading your blog, and I am very happy that you are getting it done! Have a great rest of the week. God Bless you.

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