The Snow Queen

My current work-in-progress is titled The Snow Queen. I chose the title because it was the only thing I could think of that would tell readers that it would be about a woman who deals well with winter in the wilderness.

Of course, she’s not really a queen. And she loves summer just as much as she does winter. But the story takes place in winter so including the word ‘snow’ in the title seemed appropriate. And she’s an artist and aren’t all artists kind of like royalty, creating something other people love?

Anyway, I hope the title works. I doubt it’ll change before publication, but that’s always a possibility.

Any ideas, if you think there’s a better title? It’s about a couple who are stranded in a cabin during a blizzard with dwindling supplies and one of them thinks she can save them both.

One response to “The Snow Queen”

  1. Hi Florence, your book sounds like a very good book, especially the cabin and snow, I love that! I really love your title The Snow Queen, for your book, it suits it just fine. I enjoyed reading your blog. Have a Great Week. God Bless you.

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