Autumn begins

autumn begins 9 17 19

I watch the leaves eagerly every year because autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Okay, I love all seasons, but there’s something about the colors and the way they appear, subtly at first, and then suddenly the entire world is on fire, that gives me the shivers. In a good way, of course because how does it happen? How can the world change so significantly just because the days grow shorter?

Of course, it only happens so spectacularly in a good year and I suspect this will be one of those years because we’ve had rain. And more rain. And still more rain. I read somewhere long, long ago that a wet summer leads to a beautiful autumn because all that rain makes the leaves rich and healthy and that makes for deep, lingering color.

So I’m watching. And waiting. And hoping.

2 responses to “Autumn begins”

  1. I often wonder what autumn is like in hot places. In the Amazon. In Arizona. And so on. Maybe some day I’ll stop being lazy and at least look it up since I’m not likely to go to either place in the autumn.

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