Question: What’s my method for creating titles for my books?

How do I come up with titles for my books?

Like many writers — maybe most — I choose a working title to use while writing the book, one that reminds me of the theme of the book and keeps me on track. But it’s seldom the eventual title of the book.

For that final title, I keep on the lookout for a great-sounding phrase as I edit the book. When I’m done editing, I usually have a handful of phrases from the story itself, any one of which would make a good title.

Most experts on titles recommend no more than four or five words because more are difficult to fit on the cover of a book and still be easily readable. But many great books have longer titles so that’s only a guide.

Then I decide which works best. Often, I ask for help from friends and family, giving them a list of phrases and asking which would pique their interest the most.

Have you ever read a book and been taken by a phrase that you think describes the story better than the title does?

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