Better Get Writing!

I’m great at coming up with excuses to not do things. ‘I’ve been sick’ is a good one. ‘Minor surgery’ is another. ‘The cat needs attention’ works once in a while.

Since I’m so good with excuses, I can come up with lots of reasons not to write, none of which are valid because there’s always time to write those stories that are popping up in my mind until they drive me nuts if I don’t get them down on paper.

This is on my mind because a few minutes ago I happened on the church email and there in black and white was the pastor’s sermon for the month: The Apostle Paul encourages us to make the most of our time, “Take advantage of every opportunity.” Really? Did she come up with that just for me?

I think so!

So I’ll  listen, or at least I’ll stop procrastinating so much.

I promise to plunk the seat of my pants onto the seat of my office chair and write.  It’s a great office chair, by the way. One of the best, ergonomic and everything, so good posture and comfort are givens and no excuse to ignore my characters and go slumming on the deck to commune with nature and the birds that are screaming for attention and food.

Then I’ll close the curtains so as not to be distracted by the beautiful autumn plumage beyond the window. I’ll pretend it’s the middle of winter because my next novel, The Snow Queen, is set during that season. After Christmas to be precise. During a blizzard. With limited food and almost no wood left to heat the cabin, forcing my hero and heroine to go forth through deep snow and somehow make their way to safety and warmth. If they can.

Think they’ll make it? I’m rooting for them.

2 responses to “Better Get Writing!”

  1. I think they’ll make it Florence. 🙂 Thank you for posting this very good post, and such a very good one for us procrastinators or so I speak for myself. That is so very true that there is Always time to do what needs to be done or time for what we want to do, we just don’t do it. But, I know I have some things that need to be done and I just keep putting them off , so it is now time to buckle up and get them done. Thank you for the reminder Florence. Like usual I always enjoy your articles. Thank you so very much. You have a Great weekend my friend. God Bless you.

  2. You too. Have a great weekend. I’m alone this weekend and enjoying it, though I suspect I won’t get as much done as I should with all that time and no distractions. But I promise myself and everyone else that I’ll get something done. At least a little bit!

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