Question: How do writers keep their day to day writing consistent over time?

How do I keep my writing consistent over time?

I use three helps and, yes, it’s important to keep my story consistent!

  1. The first help is using an outline — in my case a synopsis that serves the same purpose as an outline — because that keeps the story on track.
  2. The second help is to read through that synopsis before starting to write. Every time, to remind me where I am and where I’m going. And then I read through at least the last chapter I wrote so that when I start writing, I’m just continuing on from where I left off.
  3. The third help is to always stop writing just a sentence or a paragraph into the next chapter because then I’m already started on the scene as it continues the story.
This is just one method but there are many ways to keep writing consistent. Got any tips you want to share?

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