Side Streets

Writing as a profession involves many things. Writers wear many hats. They find themselves going down streets they’d never have dreamed of exploring.

That’s me. My latest pursuit involves making advertisements for my books because writers today must also be marketers, salespersons, and publicity agents.

So I found a few free sites online that allow me (and show me how) to write on-line sales advertisements for my books. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how it’s done. Waaaaay more than necessary, I’m afraid, because I’ve discovered that it’s fun.

I can now whip my book covers onto a platform like a professional and add in all kinds of useful things, like a link to buy the book, or a button that tells readers who my publishers are, or what the book is about.

I’ve got so many ads made for books I’ve already written that will — probably — some day be put online on sites where they will do their sneaky thing and convince people to buy my books. Okay, I hope they will.

So now I’m on to ads for the book I’m writing that isn’t finished.

When I’m done with my writing for the day, I find myself dawdling around making ads for The Snow Queen. Lots of snow because it takes place in the winter. And evergreens because it’s in the forest. (Of course it’s in the forest, it’s number 2 of the Wilderness Women series.) Maybe a crown because the title so far is The Snow Queen but that might change so maybe no crown. I must give that some thought. Cross-country skis, snowmobiles, and a huge, plastic sled that carries one injured man. Snow angels. A winter resort, complete with a huge, stone fireplace.

Sound good? Any additional suggestions?

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